We’re all aware of the devastation faced on a daily basis by our soldiers fighting in many conflicts around the world, especially the escalating Afghan war and the increasing number of soldiers being killed or maimed in action, while we sit helplessly at home.

Many British people would like to help these brave men and women when they return to the UK and for this reason we have devised The Sunshine Challenge to raise a large amount of vital income for:


Corporal Andy Reid (above)
'An Inspiration to Others
Corporal Andy Reid has served for 13 years with 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment. He is currently in rehabilitation following the severe injuries he received by an IED while serving in Afghanistan during the autumn of 2009. This 60 second video explains


We are The Soldiers' Charity and we’re here to support the men and women who put everything on the line to defend us, and our country. We’re here for them with lifetime support whether they are serving soldiers or veterans. We offer our hand to them as individuals and, when they need help, for their families. We stand by them in conflict and in peacetime, throughout their lives.

This 60 second video explains

Forces Children’s Trust
David Beckham (above, right) attends an FCT fundraising event.
The Forces Children’s Trust is charity devoted to helping children whose father or mother has died, or has been seriously injured, whilst serving as a member of the British Armed Forces. The FCT, by reason of its aims and size, has the flexibility and ability to make decisions and offer help as needed with minimum fuss and consequent time-loss.

For more information, contact: Andy North 07718 203 767 or e-mail

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